Dear Filmmakers,

we are getting closer and closer... our Festival is nearly here!!! 
Over the past few months we have lived an amazing experience watching nearly 2500 movies from over 110 countries all over the world. 2500 inner and outern perspectives to look at our planet, 2500 little great stories that transmitted us an authentic picture of the troubled time we are living: we discovered stories of migration, misery, war, terrorism and surprising as much as emotional stories about kids growing in extremely tough conditions. Stories of life and death. Overall your movies told us how big is the need for a real change, for a social renaissance; and how desperately people are seeking a better future without forgetting about their roots seeded in countries that they are forced to leave. A global phenomenon that involves everyone of us and that is struggling to find proper answers. 
We want to thank you all for your participation to our contest. We have put our greatest effort selecting your movies with passion and accuracy. At last, we reached decisions picking those movies that we feel are keener to the goal and spirit of our Festival. No matter whether you have been selected or not, we want to express our deepest gratitude. Keep on doing cinema. Keep on telling your stories, our stories, our world. 

Thank you

from the entire ASFF's staff.

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